Month: November 2009

Ben’s 31 birthday!

Ben turned 31 on Tuesday November 17th. His family celebrated on the previous Sunday. They made a yummy dinner with salmon and veggies and for dessert his sister Holland made Swedish pancakes, which he loves! I have come to find out you cannot substitue whole wheat flour for white, which I like to do. Also he will not eat brown… Read more →

Leonid Meteor Shower

Wendy and I went up in the mountains away from the light pollution of the city to watch the meteor shower.  It was a pretty good time.  We saw a pretty spectacular meteor that was coming towards earth rather than just skipping off the atmosphere so it didn’t look like it was traveling all that fast.  It lasted around 6… Read more →


So…  I was googling specs on PS3 and XBox 360 consoles and one of the google ads failed miserably. Of course, I guess you could say my search is a “fail” but I was just trying to get the name of the PS3 version of XBox Live.  Whatever. Read more →

Bendy Christmas List

My parents have requested a Christmas list.  This list is not meant to be the Christmas list of stuff that I want them to buy but a list of stuff that we want potentially so we can weight and balance needs and wants. Wish List:CouchesBed FrameDresserBookcase5D Mark IIOboePlaystation IIIGas range/ovenLaptopHouse (with garage)Reverse osmosis water unit Feasible Christmas List:Reverse Osmosis Water… Read more →

What’s With the Celebrity Couple Name?

Well, celebrity couple names are clearly reserved strictly for celebrities.  You’ve had some classic celebrity couple names such as Bennifer, Raeeke and Brangelina.  So why do we have one?  We’re obviously celebrities.  To prove this point, here is a picture that the paparazzi took of us at the beach. It may look like we’re posing but we’re not.  We just… Read more →