Grandma P-Dubs and the EK’s Kitchen

Grandma is in town.  That in and of itself is not noteworthy since it happens frequently enough.  Actually, I’m not really sure why I mention whether or not it’s noteworthy because nothing here on this site or in our lives is really noteworthy.  Okay, whatever.  Grandma is in town.

Today she was watching EK to give Wendy a break.  EK had been playing quietly so Grandma got up to investigate.  She too has noticed that any period of silence can mean horrible things with our kids.  (They are strong in the force.)  She got up and came upon EK wearing an apron that she had tastefully matched to her outfit.

Grandma exclaimed, “You have your own apron?!”

EK got up and replied, “Grandma, I have my own kitchen.”

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