Wendy’s Biggest Loser Food Challenge Dream? I dunno…

Last night Wendy sleepily put her arms halfway around me, opened her eyes halfway and said:

Wendy:  “Huck, huck.”

Ben:  “What?  Did you just say, ‘huck, huck?'”

Wendy:  “Yeah, it’s what it says on your screen.”

Ben<perplexed>:  “What’s screen?”

Wendy<with the slightest bit of annoyance>:  “Your screen, not mine.”

Ben<now laughing>:  “Wendy, what are you talking about.”

Wendy:  “It’s your food challenge.  Each week you have a food challenge.”

Ben:  <laughing>

<three minutes passes>

Wendy:  “Why are you laughing at me?”


Wendy doesn’t remember any of this conversation but I jotted down some notes of what she said so I wouldn’t forget it in the morning.  This was the conversation almost verbatim.