We have two of them now.  Before the first was born I decided to write a blog about my feelings leading up to and my reactions and feelings after the baby came.  I ended up writing in the blog fairly frequently for around a year after the baby was born.  The end result (at least to me) was enjoyable.  I hope that some day oldest child grows up to read it and appreciate it.

It contains a lot of the jitters of being a first time parent as well as many of the triumphs and joys.  It was always my intention to go back into it and clean up grammar and spelling in posts as well as add media (pictures and videos) that applied to posts.  I will continue to do that.

Recently I’ve felt that the existence of the blog of oldest child is unfair to youngest child.  This is assuming of course that both children put value on the baby blog which they probably won’t.  In the event that they do I have come to a decision.  At around the time that the second baby is the age of the first baby when I stopped writing in the first baby blog I’m going to start a second baby blog and write about the second baby.  I will continue that blog for roughly the same span of time that I wrote about the first baby.

This will make it as fair as possible to both siblings.  In the end, neither will probably care and it will be a fun exercise for me and possibly the Wendy.

Here is the first blog:

Here is the second blog:


I WordPressed the place right up.  Movable Type had to go.  In the more than 6 hour that it took to stand the new website up, export the old website, import the entries into the new website, clean them up and configure everything nicely I came to a realization.  I spend way too much time on this stuff.

I always come back to these types of thoughts.  Is it worth it?  Nobody is reading this.  Not even Wendy.  Sure, she’s setup as an author on this blog and I think she even has one or two posts but she hasn’t written anything here in forever.  I don’t think she remembers it’s even here anymore.  And that’s my wife.  I doubt anybody else is interested enough in our lives to read this.

I guess I will continue to maintain the blogs though and write posts periodically because if anything I enjoy it.  It’s something to tinker with and it’s something to do.  I occasionally like to write even.  Maybe it’s how some people like to hear the sound of their own voice.  I kind of like to hear the sound of my own words in my head which is kind of the same thing?  I dunno.

I gotta say though.  At least as of right now, the new blog in WordPress is pretty darn fancy.  Cute you might even say…