Fake Cries and Cell Phone Washes

Our youngest has decided lately, probably due to her total inability to communicate in any other way, to fake cry almost any time she crawls.  It’s her frustration sound.  It kind of sounds like a sad hiccup repeated over and over.  As I said, she does this primarily when she’s crawling.  I hope she will grow out of it soon.  I think it stems from the fact that she crawls but only just.  She’s only been properly crawling for about two weeks.  Up to this point I didn’t think she would.  She was going for walking and I think I coerced her into crawling.  At any rate, she’s not great at it.  She doesn’t have the motions down.  She started out by moving one leg forward and then kind of scooting on three.  She crawls nearly normally now though.

Not being able to move was a huge frustration for her.  At the beginning she actually did cry every time she wanted to move some place.  Eventually it turned into her crying and then trying to move.  Then it was her crying and successfully crawling a a few steps.  Then it turned into her fake crying and successfully moving a few more steps.  Now it’s basically her fake crying and crawling.  I have a feeling it will go away completely but for now it’s sort of annoying that there is a sound accompanying her movement.

Our oldest has decided to be helpful and wishes to always have her toy sink full of water so she can was her toys.  Yesterday she decided to wash an old Voicestream phone.  At least it wasn’t one of the good phones in circulation.  I feel bad because Mom gave her a mouthful but she was probably just trying to be helpful.

They’re both sweet girls.

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