I WordPressed the place right up.  Movable Type had to go.  In the more than 6 hour that it took to stand the new website up, export the old website, import the entries into the new website, clean them up and configure everything nicely I came to a realization.  I spend way too much time on this stuff.

I always come back to these types of thoughts.  Is it worth it?  Nobody is reading this.  Not even Wendy.  Sure, she’s setup as an author on this blog and I think she even has one or two posts but she hasn’t written anything here in forever.  I don’t think she remembers it’s even here anymore.  And that’s my wife.  I doubt anybody else is interested enough in our lives to read this.

I guess I will continue to maintain the blogs though and write posts periodically because if anything I enjoy it.  It’s something to tinker with and it’s something to do.  I occasionally like to write even.  Maybe it’s how some people like to hear the sound of their own voice.  I kind of like to hear the sound of my own words in my head which is kind of the same thing?  I dunno.

I gotta say though.  At least as of right now, the new blog in WordPress is pretty darn fancy.  Cute you might even say…

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