Happy Valentines Day

Dear Wendy,

                Do you remember that book we read called the “Wednesday Letters?”  Maybe I’ll follow a tradition of the Valentine’s Day letters.  I wrote one last year.  I’ll write another one this year.  Maybe I’ll write more frequently, but I’ll at least try to do that much.

                I love you so much more now than I did just one year ago and I knew that would be the case.  I’ve always felt like I couldn’t love you more but every day I do.  You make me happy just being around you.  I love the way you look at me sometimes and you’re reaction when I ask you what you’re doing.  I’ll try to look at you that way more often.  I’m always looking away because I don’t want to get my face “icky.”  It’s that OCD thing again.

                We’ve done so much this year.  We had fun camping and going to Goblin Valley.  We’ve played ultimate frisbee every week.  We went to Florida and visited the Keys.  I won’t take the time to mention all of the little things we did.  Every time I do anything I want it to be with you.  I love looking at our pictures and remembering how fun everything was. 

                I really am thankful that you put so much work into the house.  And I really am bugged sometimes that you want to do it in the first place.  Even though it’s not a priority to me I’m very thankful for your hard work and effort and I know that you do it for us.  I can tell that you love me and you want to make me happy.  I can see how much time you spend trying to make me happy.  I want you to know that I appreciate that.  You are amazing.

                We’re going to have a family together this year.  I’m scared to death but I’m happy that I have you to help me.  You will be a super mom; the kind of mom that anybody would be proud to be.  I hope that you know that.  I hope you haven’t given into my non-stop criticism.  I worry that it’s going to sink in and you’ll believe that you are less than you are.  Don’t let me do that.  I’m trying to be better but never stop pointing it out.  Hopefully that won’t be something I pass onto our children.  I grew up that way, being criticized about everything.  I eventually learned it was a less effective way to show love and concern but not before it became a part of me. 

                I love how hard you work and how patient you are with me.  I can be an absolute jerk sometimes and you still love me.  You put up with my quirks better than anybody I’ve ever known.  You are always working on something and always looking to better yourself and everything around you, including me.

                Thank you for putting an emphasis on us attending the temple.  It’s something I don’t typically enjoy doing and I’m glad that you’ve made it a priority for us to go every month.  I’m also very thankful for you help teaching primary.  You bring a lot to our team. 

                Don’t worry about your job so much.  Something will work out and I think we’re doing okay for now.  I don’t want you to be so stressed out that you make yourself sick or sad.  You are doing everything you need to be doing and that makes me proud. 

                I love you, Wendy. 

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