The Christmas Spirit

Ben (11:42:31 AM): scott is saying that a job that refreshes a materialized view is missing.  how do those jobs get destroyed?  do they manually have to be deleted?
Ben (11:42:46 AM): or would the job be destroyed if i had manually refreshed a mview.
James (11:43:25 AM): I’m not sure why it would be missing
Ben (11:45:01 AM): it better not have anythign to do with canada or obama because i’m sick of that right now.
Ben (11:45:22 AM): or communist china
James (11:45:34 AM): I think it actually has ties to all three
Ben (11:46:13 AM): that’s it.
Ben (11:46:14 AM): i quit.
Ben (11:46:53 AM): hey, so
Ben (11:46:57 AM): why didn’t you take a sick day?
James (11:47:00 AM): you can’t quit
Ben (11:47:05 AM): you sounded bad.
James (11:47:11 AM): yeah…
James (11:47:26 AM): I woke up with a sore throat
James (11:47:39 AM): I have a bunch of meetings later for a project I’m on though
Ben (11:48:08 AM): that sucks
Ben (11:48:16 AM): well…
Ben (11:48:29 AM): try to touch as many high ups in acs and novell as possible.
James (11:49:14 AM): haha
James (11:49:16 AM): sounds good
James (11:49:20 AM): get them outta here
Ben (11:49:23 AM): and if you happen to see obama or any canadian or chinese officials or chinese-canadians…  touch them too.
Ben (11:49:57 AM): i’m not suggesting you kiss them or anything…  maybe just rub your face and hands on their food
Ben (11:50:00 AM): and sneeze a little.
James (11:50:22 AM): alrighty
Ben (11:51:07 AM): as long as i’m making requests…
Ben (11:51:15 AM): can you figure otu a way to make us rich?
Ben (11:51:22 AM): oh, and can i start calling you santa clause?
Ben (11:51:30 AM): you’ll have to start wearing red.
James (11:51:40 AM): sure

So, let me explain this post before I have Chinese or Canadians or Chinese-Canadians knocking down my door.  It’s nice to have a shapeless face or ambiguous, amorphous entity or object on which to blame all of life’s problems.  You can’t blame God because it’s not His fault.  He has given people free agency.  People are imperfect.  It’s their fault.  I didn’t want anybody to FEEL bad though so it had to be a group that I didn’t have a lot of contact with.  I wanted a group that wouldn’t report back, almost like it didn’t exist.  A small group…  that’s really hard to find…  like the Chinese.


And Canada…  well, eveybody blames Canada.  And Obama.

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